Palma de Mallorca and real fast sketching

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Palma de Mallorca with no time to draw or enjoy the beaches by the Mediterranean Sea at 100%. Even so, I managed to get some late afternoons on the beach and half a dozen really quick drawings. Thinking about this trip I realized that the faster a drawing is, the more you can capture what surrounds us, well, sometimes it’s not like that and my drawings of this wonderful island demonstrate this, much to my regret. They are really captures of fleeting moments of my day to day, quick and concise drawings because the time to draw was very short, so short that sometimes the drawings were unfinished. Many Urban sketchers argue that this is what a sketch should be, but I like to prolong the pleasure of looking, seeing, drawing and painting. That’s what characterizes my sketches, but sometimes I have to be very fast because time makes it so. Am I a fake Urban sketcher? Do my sketches, by losing focus, also lose the improvement in drawing skills and the increase in spontaneity and freshness in my sketches? Perhaps. The most knowledgeable in Urban sketching advocate that a sketch should be of reduced dimensions, without great details and just suggesting some details in some parts of the drawing, the tools should be reduced to a minimum as well as the color palette.I agree to a certain extent, but we cannot forget the pleasure and joy that comes from these moments of total concentration when trying to sketch a view, an object or a person. Thus, each Urban sketcher must be left with his modus operandi and let him be happy while sketching, whether faster or slower, the important thing is to capture the view, the object or people. This is my opinion.Anyway , here are some notes of what I managed to draw. I hope the next trip will be less busy and I’ll have time for urbansketching the way I like to do it.

Final words- Thanks for checking out this post and I sincerely hope I have managed to clarify a little more what an urbansketch should be and have not, on the contrary, confused your mind. Thank you

this photo was taken on the beach but the sketch was done earlier at Madrid airport
Fast and unfinished
Students Brainstorming

Morocco artist Residence

Three weeks ago I was in an artist residency in Morocco in the Berber region of tanahaout, at the gates of the Atlas. I was invited by the owner of a Riad that only receives artists. It was wonderful! The exchange of cultures, the sharing of each artist’s modus operandi, the Berber food, and the friendliness of a people who want to maintain good relations with the Portuguese made me fall in love with this country. Full of energy, I drew everything that came my way, composing two graphic diaries and three small canvases. Here goes some of the sketches and paintings.

Why a sketchbook

Why the Sketchbook – A sketchbook is a document that contains visual records produced by the artist and is a resource of great importance in learning about the surrounding world, sometimes serving as a complement to larger works. One of the Sketchbook functions is to assist in the planning and refinement of this work. This role involves carrying out composition studies and sketches of graphic organization. Drawing is not just a form of artistic expression; it is also a way of structuring visual thinking and finding solutions to problems. Its portability makes the artist independent from the physical space, being able to use it indoors or outdoors and at any time, as it is carried in the pocket. As a support tool, the Sketchbook is a suitable place to build creative paths that range from “brainstorming” for the first ideas to the maturation and development of a finished graphic solution. By facilitating the structuring of creative paths, the Sketchbook gives them consistency and solidity, countering the risks of a superficial approach to the works to be carried out. But what makes Sketchbooks special is that not only the theme that captures our attention at the moment are recorded on it, but also a world of sensations, smells, conversations around us, sounds and even the light of that day and that moment and to remember all this surroundings just open it. The drawing thus emerges as an integrating element, a means of recording and communicating the present during the day, the week or the year.

I propose to everybody who wants more than a photo, to carry out the report in the graphic journal , in a notebook of frequent and daily graphic records, trying to give a personal view, which is intended to be without judgments or prejudices. As drawing is a synthesis of information, We will discover and reveal the importance of small things, the passage of time and the recording of each small part of the world at a time, a personal view of everyday life and all its surroundings, people, places and objects around me and in my own way.

“My sketchbook is a witness of what I am experiencing, scribbling things
whenever they happen.” Vincent van Gogh

“Give me a notebook and a pen and I will reconstruct the world on every page.”
Paula Lourenço

the following videos are an example of how the whole environment fits into a simple drawing. of course only I can remember the smells and conversations around me from that moment🤓

the small spots seen in the drawing are raindrops, therefore I recorded the weather of that day in my sketchbook. Isn’t that amazing?

Thanks for reading.

The importance of having a field watercolor kit as accurate as possible.

Throughout my life as an Urban sketcher I had several watercolor field kits, and every time I went out to draw, I felt the lack of a color, a pen or a pencil. And that was enough to condition the entire sketch production of the day. As soon as I got home, I added what I had been missing that day, but after a while my kit kept getting bigger, forcing me to carry extra weight, sometimes uselessly, and nobody wants to go out and draw with a heavy backpack, right? Today I believe I have reached the point of having a sketching kit that suits me perfectly. Drawing on the street requires a loose and fast drawing, however I like to take my time in the process, I appreciate the detail and the tricks to solve certain situations of glare, shadows and light, perspective and environment. My kit is not the most basic due to my way of designing and enjoying the process. Today I leave here registered the paraphernalia that accompany me in a simple drawing kit and in a watercolor box. I hope you too will enjoy the process when you go out to draw. Have fun.

My watercolor case from Frazer Price
My pens
Brushes and a field inkwell for my ink pens
My sketchbook from Stillman Birn cold press surface , 270 gsm, beta séries but I’ll go for an alpha series because it’s lighter and less expensive
All toguether they fit in this art travel case
Just three things inside my everyday bag. 🤓😜👋

The Village where I live in sketches

I live in Oeiras, Oeiras is a Portuguese village, seat of the municipality of Oeiras located in the district and metropolitan area of Lisbon, being one of the first cities in the capital. It is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and in the estuary of the Tagus River. Since prehistory, the mild climate, the abundance of water, the quality of the soils and the privileged geographical position offered by the riverside area of the Tagus estuary, allowed the subsistence of agro-pastoral villages for over 4000 years. In this way, Oeiras is an autonomous economic hub: it is one of the most developed and richest municipalities in the Iberian Peninsula and even in Europe.With the highest per capita income in Portugal, it is also the 2nd municipality with the highest purchasing power and the 2nd largest municipality to collect taxes in Portugal. The economic level is directly linked to the studies and this relationship shows that Oeiras is also the municipality in Portugal with the highest concentration of population with higher education and the area in Portugal with the lowest rate of population without education. I have been living here for 40 years and I only left Oeiras for a period of 5 years when I lived in Lisbon- Bairro Alto. today I thought that would be a good idea present some sketches I made at Oeiras. Hope you like it.

This is a building from XIX century at the main plaza
Our municipal theatre
The church on the right, a small cultural center in the midle and the municipal market on the left
More or less new Oeiras
Unfinished Train raill
Oeiras’s Mall
Gaz station near my flat
A sculpture next to the municipal library
A sketch at the municipal park. As the European green capital of 2020, Lisbon has presented one park that is more beautiful and well-kept than the other. Parque dos Poetas, in Oeiras, is an open-air museum of sculptural art. The only one in Portugal and the biggest in Europe. Here, landscaping and sculpture embody poetry. Take some nice things and have a picnic to enjoy the place. Worth it!
Oeiras’s @paulalourenco1962 Aerodrome
One of the Oeiras beaches
Another beach
Another beach
Another beach
Another beach
Ocean Municipal pool
Old park
One of many beach fortification
New Oeiras , business park
Another fortification at the beach. I think there are 10 of it. One in each beach along the coast
Another beach
Here is a 5 km of a walking way by the sea
Where I live. Sketch from my kitchen window. Old OEiras is down that street
Of course McDonald’s
Oeiras Marina is a concept that brings together several areas of leisure such as the Paseo Marítimo, Oeiras Recreational Port and Oeiras Ocean Swimming Pool.
Oeiras’s many Beach bar
Again Oeiras park of Poets
Entrance to the ocean swimming municipal pool
Municipal Library
Poets park
Old train bridge still working
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30 minute Watercolor challenge @wnchallengenina_sketching

Today I went close to this building and as always it causes a feeling of strangeness in me. It is a museum for the artistic work of a great Portuguese painter based in England-Paula Rego. It is at least a strange architecture by architect Eduardo Souto Moura and I have no idea what stories the two artists told each other for him to come up with this building.

Its color changes all the time with the sun light. Today was a mixt of caput mortuum with burnt sienna. I sketched it to answer the challenge of @nina_sketching and @penstore. #wnchallegenina_sketching # wnforeverymoment # watercolourchallenge

The challenge was to sketch for 30 minutes and use only winsor&newton watercolors. That’s my sketch. #wn #winsornewtonwatercolour # sketching #sketchofteday

Sketches of the week and a new sketchbook

I started a new Stillman &Birn sketchbook last week . I love this Beta Series , Dry and wet Media, watercolor and Ink paper. It’s 270gsm cold press surface and it’s wonderful for sketching on the go. Pens run like butter on this paper and it still have a good grip for pencils, or pastels. I’ve tried a lot of other brands of sketchbooks and this is my preference right now. Let me say that I don’t have any business relationship with the company, im not payed or receiving goods from them, I’m just saying about my experience with this sketchbook brand to anyone interested.

Sorry about the shaking. I had too much coffee today.

Hope you like it.

Sketching on-line with #nina_sketching and#artofalvin

Two days ago I saw #nina_sketching and #artofalvin live sketching session. Was great fun and I had the chance of sketching with them and listening their storyes while doing it. They are great sketchers and I love their sketches. Was such fun sketching from Nina’s photo reference of a car cemitery at Sweden. I’m still looking for other sketchers who participated on this event to see what they did.

Here’s my sketch from #nina_sketching photo reference

( Namiki falcon pen on Beta seriespremium sketchbook Stillman & birn. Winsor and Newton pro watercolors

About #usktalks on YouTube

last Sunday i watched a conversation on YouTube with #Pedromacloureiro and #nina_sketching about sketching. They gave fantastic tips and launched a challenge: drawing the path we take at home with a cup of coffee in hand. I loved the idea and this drawing came out. To better mark the path I used the color only on the coffee mug and the rest of the drawing was black and white. Despite having used arrows to show the way, there is no need to do it with this technique of highlighting the main character, which in this case is the coffee mug.

Everyone should watch the YouTube video and get to know the fantastic work of these two great sketchers. Pedro macloureiro is Portuguese and nina_sketching is Swedish, and I really like their work. They are really engaged on sketching and everyone can watch their sketching vídeos no YouTube . I invite you to discover these two. Enjoy

Beta séries premiumsketchbook, soft cover edition, cold press 270gsm, 19cmmx19cm, de Atramentis black document ink on a Namiki pen.

You can see all my work paulalourenco1962http://paulalourenco1962on Instagram

Or at Thank you

On confinement due to covid-19 what Urban sketchers sketch ?

Even I can’t go out, I steel have a lot to sketch partcipating in different challenges around the world of URban sketchers associations. Here goes my sketches made confined at home.

The three next sketches are the challenge of #Uskmilano , in the beguining of the week, where we draw what we see from our windows.

Watercolor on  stillman&birn sketchbook
#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink
#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink
#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

Than I was challenged by Uskportugal on their challenge #quarentenadesenhada that means #sketchedquarantine and did these next two sketches

#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

This above, was sketched after I found a box at my pantry with some art materials from the 80’s and 90’s ! That box was there closed for 18 years. Since I moved from Lisbon to where I live now. I had to sketch them because they are 30 and 40 years hold! How come I became Vintage too?

#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

Still on the #quarentenadesenhada I sketched myself after I made a huge mistake, cutting my hair with my dog’s hair trimmer. It sounded a good idea 💡… Strange things we do when in confinement. Now I have a bald area on the back of my neck.

#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

Above, portuguese confort food on an uncomfortable confinement. “Feijoada” is red beans , pork meat , chourizo and carots.

F#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

Finally another challenge from #uskportugal to sketch the sky in three different day time.

#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink
#Stillman&birn alfa séries sketchbook
#DanielSmith watercolors and #Rotring Renaissance fountain pen with black waterproof #Atramentis Document ink

This is all for today. Hope you like it and share. Thanks