Sketching gear ;)

This post is for those like me that are always looking for the perfect pencil case and the perfect sketchbook. I’ll show you my actual sketching gear but first some of my past ones.

This one is from three years ago, the pencil case came from Russia, from it’s real leather and orange it’s my favorite color, it’s a very good pencil case and very expensive one. On the last pocket you can fit a small watercolor case. On that time I was trying the Hannemuhle sketchbooks, wich are really good. Good paper for watercolor and all technics if you don’t use alcohol brush pens.

This one is also a nice one, it’s from Eastpack and I have nothing bad to say about it, it’s very strong pencil case .

Off course I have an by Expeditionary art but this one became too small for all the gear I wonted to carry with me 🙂 it’s strong and have multiple little pockets for many tools.

After the arttoolkit I found this one at a Japanese site , and this one is one of my preferences, it’s big enough for all my gear and fits a bigger watercolor case , I used for a while until I bought my actual pencil case.

This is my actual pencil case it came from a Japanese company Lihit lab, I’m not sure what model is but it’s perfect , opens like a book and have apalace for everything.

So basically these are my pencil cases. I carry one of these in my backpack 🎒 with the sketchbook and a little stool. That’s all I need for sketching.

I bought the stool at eBay, made in China, don’t remember the company’s.

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