Why do I sketchó

Why do I sketch ?

Well I sketch to really see the world, one sight and one view, each time. Even the views that are around me all the time, became new , when I take my time to sketch them. Why don’t I take a photo and move on? Because sketching it’s different from taking a photo, the photo doesn’t show what you are really looking at, it shows everything on a wide frame, instead,a sketch shows what really took your attention and takes inside it a world of sensations, smells, conversations around you , sounds and even the light on that day, each time you open your sketchbook and see that sketch again.

Fountainpen and Sennellier watercolors on A5 Hannemuhle sketchbook

I get more aware of my surroundings but at same time, When I’m sketching, I go myself to a place where I’m not judging and I have no prejudices, I feel like a child discovering little important things, feeling the wonder of seeing for the first time hold views that were there for me all the time. A sketch it’s also a way to rebuilt your world, to stop time and focus on yourself and each little part of the world each time.

Fountainpen , Bic pen and sennellier watercolor on A5 square sketchbook

For me it’s a happy place to be when I’m upset or annoyed or have time to spent. I sketch to myself even thought I share later them on my blog, on Facebook and Instagram, I do it in the hope to inspire others to sketch too and feel the joy of being free to see the world on their own way.

Fountainpen and Sennelier watercolors on A5 square sketchbook

Fountainpen and whitenights watercolors on A5 square sketchbook

Give me a pencil and a paper and I’m the happiest girl in all world and by the way sketches are quick and inexpensive.

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw António, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci - https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0vN_d6TYFF4

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