Reviewing Stillman & Birn square sketchbook

I finally got this sketchbook on my hands, after being sold out everywhere online. I want it so badly that I wrote to mr. Stillman on Facebook and asked him to put it back available at Amazon or eBay or anywhere else and he answered me ! He advised me a French online shop where they have some sketchbooks available. Great, a shop on the same continent as me! So now I have three of these sketchbooks to fill with daily sketches. Yay! They are Beta series, premium sketchbooks, dry and wet media, watercolor and ink , soft cover and they are square. Paper inside is high quality for watercolors (270 gsm), cold press which makes a wonderful soft texturized surface paper , I love it. The square format ( 19x19cm ; 7 1/2 x 7 1/2 inches) it’s a lovely compromise between an A4 and an A5 sketchbook, it allows you to compose different sketches on the same page , something I couldn’t do on a A5 format.

At Sintra on a beautiful cool day . I walked almost 2 km just to sketch that castle, only possible because was such a fresh day.

A picnic at the forest and time to sketch again

At Oeiras harbour with my new pen, Confucius fude

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw António, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci -

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