#10 anos dos USKPortugal

Yes, it’s today the big meeting of Portugal urban sketchers and I’m at it. 😜👋🤓✍️✍️🎊

The all organization of the event was perfect and I was one of those who received a bag with goodies. 👏#10 anos dos USKPortugalthat’s me in yellow#10 anos dos USKPortugal

the wonderful goodies I’ve got .

my first sketch at the door of the event and the stamp of it.#10 anos dos USKPortugal

we went sketching at a beautiful village of workers at Lisbon named Villa Bertha and this is my sketching gear of the day.

After we went to a belvedere at another place of Lisbon I managed to guest some help from a tuk tuk driver who offered himself to hold my sketchbook for the photo 👏#10 anos dos USKPortugaland this sketch was baptized with drops of rain and 🍻 beer that was turned off by the wind. Well, everything can happen on the wild 😜.#10 anos dos USKPortugal

me and #10 anos dos USKPortugalNelson Paciência and Nelson Polzin #10 anos dos USKPortugal

#10 anos dos USKPortugal

Published by Paula Lourenco

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