Sketches of the week and a new sketchbook

I started a new Stillman &Birn sketchbook last week . I love this Beta Series , Dry and wet Media, watercolor and Ink paper. It’s 270gsm cold press surface and it’s wonderful for sketching on the go. Pens run like butter on this paper and it still have a good grip for pencils, or pastels. I’ve tried a lot of other brands of sketchbooks and this is my preference right now. Let me say that I don’t have any business relationship with the company, im not payed or receiving goods from them, I’m just saying about my experience with this sketchbook brand to anyone interested.

Sorry about the shaking. I had too much coffee today.

Hope you like it.

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw António, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci -

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