30 minute Watercolor challenge @wnchallengenina_sketching

Today I went close to this building and as always it causes a feeling of strangeness in me. It is a museum for the artistic work of a great Portuguese painter based in England-Paula Rego. It is at least a strange architecture by architect Eduardo Souto Moura and I have no idea what stories the two artists told each other for him to come up with this building.

Its color changes all the time with the sun light. Today was a mixt of caput mortuum with burnt sienna. I sketched it to answer the challenge of @nina_sketching and @penstore. #wnchallegenina_sketching # wnforeverymoment # watercolourchallenge

The challenge was to sketch for 30 minutes and use only winsor&newton watercolors. That’s my sketch. #wn #winsornewtonwatercolour # sketching #sketchofteday

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw António, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci - https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=0vN_d6TYFF4

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