The importance of having a field watercolor kit as accurate as possible.

Throughout my life as an Urban sketcher I had several watercolor field kits, and every time I went out to draw, I felt the lack of a color, a pen or a pencil. And that was enough to condition the entire sketch production of the day. As soon as I got home, I added what I had been missing that day, but after a while my kit kept getting bigger, forcing me to carry extra weight, sometimes uselessly, and nobody wants to go out and draw with a heavy backpack, right? Today I believe I have reached the point of having a sketching kit that suits me perfectly. Drawing on the street requires a loose and fast drawing, however I like to take my time in the process, I appreciate the detail and the tricks to solve certain situations of glare, shadows and light, perspective and environment. My kit is not the most basic due to my way of designing and enjoying the process. Today I leave here registered the paraphernalia that accompany me in a simple drawing kit and in a watercolor box. I hope you too will enjoy the process when you go out to draw. Have fun.

My watercolor case from Frazer Price
My pens
Brushes and a field inkwell for my ink pens
My sketchbook from Stillman Birn cold press surface , 270 gsm, beta séries but I’ll go for an alpha series because it’s lighter and less expensive
All toguether they fit in this art travel case
Just three things inside my everyday bag. 🤓😜👋

Published by Paula Lourenco

Draw António, draw and do not Walter time. Leonardo da Vinci -

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