Why all the fuzz about sketchbooks

I started sketching on cheap plain white pages sketchbooks. At that time my sketchbooks were a mix of planners and sketchbooks , I put everything on it, stamps, addresses, phone numbers , sculpture projects, collages, reminders, you name it , I sketched with the same pen or pencil I wrote. But one day I boughtContinue reading “Why all the fuzz about sketchbooks”

Do you want start sketching?

Some people I met while sketching usually says “I wish I could sketch like that” . Well, you can. Really ! Once, a little child , maybe 5 or 6 years hold, asked me how I did that sketch, she was looking to the sketch and the real view at a time, she was reallyContinue reading “Do you want start sketching?”

Sketching gear ;)

This post is for those like me that are always looking for the perfect pencil case and the perfect sketchbook. I’ll show you my actual sketching gear but first some of my past ones. This one is from three years ago, the pencil case came from Russia, from Artskill.com it’s real leather and orange it’sContinue reading “Sketching gear ;)”

Sketching gear 😜

Well these are my three beautys , my most beloved pens. The first one is a Sailor 1911, the queen of pens, soft and juicy on watercolor paper, the second is a Namiki Falcon, an holdy extra soft and flexy lovely pen, the third is my trusty Hero Fude , I love to draw withContinue reading “Sketching gear 😜”