Palma de Mallorca and real fast sketching

Two weeks ago, I traveled to Palma de Mallorca with no time to draw or enjoy the beaches by the Mediterranean Sea at 100%. Even so, I managed to get some late afternoons on the beach and half a dozen really quick drawings. Thinking about this trip I realized that the faster a drawing is,Continue reading “Palma de Mallorca and real fast sketching”

Why a sketchbook

Why the Sketchbook – A sketchbook is a document that contains visual records produced by the artist and is a resource of great importance in learning about the surrounding world, sometimes serving as a complement to larger works. One of the Sketchbook functions is to assist in the planning and refinement of this work. ThisContinue reading “Why a sketchbook”

The importance of having a field watercolor kit as accurate as possible.

Throughout my life as an Urban sketcher I had several watercolor field kits, and every time I went out to draw, I felt the lack of a color, a pen or a pencil. And that was enough to condition the entire sketch production of the day. As soon as I got home, I added whatContinue reading “The importance of having a field watercolor kit as accurate as possible.”

The Village where I live in sketches

I live in Oeiras, Oeiras is a Portuguese village, seat of the municipality of Oeiras located in the district and metropolitan area of Lisbon, being one of the first cities in the capital. It is on the edge of the Atlantic Ocean and in the estuary of the Tagus River. Since prehistory, the mild climate,Continue reading “The Village where I live in sketches”

30 minute Watercolor challenge @wnchallengenina_sketching

Today I went close to this building and as always it causes a feeling of strangeness in me. It is a museum for the artistic work of a great Portuguese painter based in England-Paula Rego. It is at least a strange architecture by architect Eduardo Souto Moura and I have no idea what stories theContinue reading “30 minute Watercolor challenge @wnchallengenina_sketching”

Sketches of the week and a new sketchbook

I started a new Stillman &Birn sketchbook last week . I love this Beta Series , Dry and wet Media, watercolor and Ink paper. It’s 270gsm cold press surface and it’s wonderful for sketching on the go. Pens run like butter on this paper and it still have a good grip for pencils, or pastels.Continue reading “Sketches of the week and a new sketchbook”

Sketching on-line with #nina_sketching and#artofalvin

Two days ago I saw #nina_sketching and #artofalvin live sketching session. Was great fun and I had the chance of sketching with them and listening their storyes while doing it. They are great sketchers and I love their sketches. Was such fun sketching from Nina’s photo reference of a car cemitery at Sweden. I’m stillContinue reading “Sketching on-line with #nina_sketching and#artofalvin”

About #usktalks on YouTube

last Sunday i watched a conversation on YouTube with #Pedromacloureiro and #nina_sketching about sketching. They gave fantastic tips and launched a challenge: drawing the path we take at home with a cup of coffee in hand. I loved the idea and this drawing came out. To better mark the path I used the color onlyContinue reading “About #usktalks on YouTube”

On confinement due to covid-19 what Urban sketchers sketch ?

Even I can’t go out, I steel have a lot to sketch partcipating in different challenges around the world of URban sketchers associations. Here goes my sketches made confined at home. The three next sketches are the challenge of #Uskmilano , in the beguining of the week, where we draw what we see from ourContinue reading “On confinement due to covid-19 what Urban sketchers sketch ?”